our projects

Enterprise Academies International (EAI) is an international charity alleviating poverty by building sustainable income generating skills centres (Enterprise Academies) in developing nations. These skills centres prepare young people for gainful work and also facilitate the emergence of relevant local income generating enterprises.

current project

As we have relational links with Sierra Leone through our team members our first EAI project has now been established there in Kafogo. 80 acres of land has been provided by the local community authorities which now hosts our first EAI training building. This EAI Centre serves to provide training and hold resources and crops securely. Associated productive enterprises that bring both gainful employment and help restore local commercial vision are developing. One’s sense of personal value and dignity is associated with productive and gainful employment or role in society.   In addition to providing a means of addressing local poverty; restoring hope and self-value is at the core of our aims.

butale project

Having built and opened a successful vocational school in Butale, Uganda in 2007 we later established Enterprise Academies International (EAI) following a visit to Sierra Leone in 2018. There is a need for skills for young people in regions of poverty in developing nations.